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Graduate qualification works (GQW) and scientific qualification works (SQW) (dissertations) of students

Dear teachers!

In order to place the graduate qualification works (GQW) in the electronic library system of the Academy, you need to submit the following information to the electronic reading room of the BIC Kazieva Madina Amyrbievna:

Electronic version of the graduate qualification work in pdf-format in the place with the title page, designed in one file. The title page of the thesis must be designed in accordance with the requirements.

A document of consent to the placement of the Academy's thesis signed by the student (permission for placement).

The certificate of verification of the thesis by the system of borrowing in electronic form in the pdf format. (anti-plagiarism).

Works are accepted from the group as a whole on the accompanying list, which contains the table below: Read more 

Cover letter

Permission to place the graduate qualification work 

In order to view the EPC you need to get the Login and Password in the Library and Publishing Center of the Academy, 36 Stavropolskaya Street.