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Information for users

    Rules of use of the library

1 General Provisions

1.1.The Rules of Use of the Library of Higher Education Institution are developed in accordance with the Regulations on the Library of Higher Education Institution and apply to the libraries of state higher education institutions regardless of their departmental subordination.

1.2 Rules of library use regulate the general order of service to the readers of higher education institutions, the rights and obligations of the library and the reader.

2. Rights and Duties of Library Users

2.1.The right to use the library is granted to students, graduate students, faculty, researchers, and employees of the Academy.

2.2.Students and students of other educational institutions and specialists of the city are granted the right of service in the reading rooms on the basis of an agreement or by permission of the rector.

2.3.Library users are all persons who use the library services. Library users have the right to use the main types of library and information services provided by the library free of charge.

2.4 Users must read the rules of the library when they sign in and confirm their commitment to comply with them by signing the library form in the prescribed form.

2.5.Users are obliged:

Observe silence and order in the library premises;

not to make any marks in books, other printed works and other materials received from the library stocks;

 not to rip out or fold pages;

 upon receipt of books, other works of print and other materials readers should carefully review them and in case of any defects reported to the librarian. Otherwise, the reader who last used the publication is responsible for the damage to the books.

Return books, other printed matter and other materials received from the library within the prescribed period;

not take them out of the library premises, if they are not written down in the reader's form or other records;

to the readers of the reading rooms not to take out of the library building;

not remove cards from catalogs and file cabinets.

Readers of the lending room annually within the time frame set by the library to re-register with the presentation of all the books he owns. Those who have not passed re-registration are not served by the library.

When leaving the academy to return to the library publications listed for them, to sign the bypass sheet.

2.6.Readers who have lost or damaged books or other printed works are responsible for the loss or unintentional damage of publications and must replace them with the same edition or copies, or recognized by the library equivalent publications. If it is impossible to replace - to reimburse the real market value of publications.

2.7.Users who have violated the Rules of library use or have caused damage to the library, compensate it in the amount established by the Rules of library use, as well as bear other responsibility in accordance with the Federal Law "On Librarianship". Regulations of the library, these rules and the current legislation. 3.

3. Rights and Obligations of the Library

3.1 The library serves readers and provides information in accordance with the Regulations of the library.

3.2 The library is obligated to:

Create all conditions for the realization of the rights of readers to obtain the information they need, available in the library collections;

to carry out accounting, storage and use of the documents in the collection in accordance with established rules, ensuring their preservation and rational use;

make a careful examination of the documents by the librarian when receiving them, and if any defects are found in them, to make appropriate notes;

inform readers about all kinds of library services;

to maintain a high culture of service;

Assist readers in locating, selecting, and processing the information they need

conduct classes and oral consultations on the basics of library and bibliographic knowledge;

Improve the information culture of the reader by the staff;

provide them with catalogs, card catalogs on traditional and machine-readable media, other forms of information, organizing book exhibitions, bibliographic reviews, days of information, days of departments and other events;

constantly monitor the return to the library of issued books, other works of print and other materials;

create and maintain in the library a comfortable environment for readers.

3.3 The library has the right:

to charge readers the necessary amount for violation of the rules.

in case of loss of literature the library has the right to demand replacement with identical copies or their copies in the binding;

To refuse service to a user who is in arrears with the library

until it has been paid off in full.

4. The procedure of service to users

4.1 To register in the library readers are required to show identity documents;

full-time students - student ID card, passport;

Part-time students - student ID card, passport;

university employees - passport and ID card (or certificate from the personnel department);

external readers - passport or rector's permission.

 4.2. On the basis of submitted documents the reader has a reader's form in the established form.

4.3.Readers should read the rules of the library when they sign in and acknowledge their commitment to them by their signature on the reader's form.

4.4 In order to use the library's reading rooms, readers should have their passport and student ID or student record book.

4.5 The number of documents issued in the reading rooms can't exceed 5 copies at a time.

4.6 Encyclopedias, reference books, rare and valuable books are issued only in the reading room.

4.7 It is forbidden to take out of the library building any books borrowed from the reading rooms. In case of violation of this rule the readers may be deprived of the right to use the library for up to 3 months.

4.8 The lending department issues documents for use outside the library for a fixed period and under certain conditions.

4.9.To order and receive items from the lending rooms, readers must present either a passport or a student ID or credit card.

4.10.Terms of use of literature (educational, scientific) for different categories of readers and the number of issued on the subscriptions is determined differentiated:

educational - 1 semester,

scientific - 15 days,

for the teaching staff up to 1 month.

4.11.Readers can extend the period of use of borrowed documents, if there is no demand from other readers, in the prescribed manner.

4.12.The librarian is obliged to monitor the timely return to the library issued documents.

5. List of violations and penalties

5.1 Violation of order and quiet, rudeness to library staff- withdrawal of the right to use one of the types of services for up to 6 months.

5.2 Unauthorized removal of books from the library reading room-disqualification for up to three months.

5.4.Delay in delivery of a book or periodical from the reading room (night subscription, weekend subscription) - deprivation of the right to use this type of service for up to 3 months and compensation of 20 rubles / 1 day of delay.

5.5.Spoilage of a book, magazine - restoration of the edition at own expense (replacement with a new edition or compensation of the real cost of the spoiled edition).