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Virtual help desk

Welcome to the Virtual Help Desk

"Ask a Librarian!"

The Virtual Help Desk is designed to work with remote users of SevKav GA. It is a convenient additional possibility of communication between the librarian and the reader.

Our aim is to make your information search comfortable and effective. We are ready to answer the questions, connected with the library activity and its information resources.

What are the advantages of the Virtual Reference Service for users?

     - You get quick and professional help in finding information;

     - You save time in the library by getting some of the information you need in advance.

The Virtual Reference Service is FREE!

You may be able to find the information you need on your own and thereby speed up the time it takes to obtain it. You may use the Virtual Reference Service to do this:

     - the electronic catalog;

     - Answers to frequently asked questions;

     - An archive of completed questions.



The traditional reference and retrieval apparatus of the library, the electronic catalog, the educational and reference literature fund of the library, as well as bibliographic and full-text DB purchased by subscription are used when fulfilling queries.


     - about the availability of a particular document in the library's collection or on a topic of interest to you;

     - find out in which department of the library the desired document is kept;

     - inquire about the document: the year of publication, number of pages, source of publication, inventory number, etc;

     - find out specific factual information about a term, an abbreviation, a historical or cultural event, etc.


     - Literature lists containing no more than 10 sources (bibliographic descriptions of documents and, in some cases, addresses of Internet resources) are provided in response to a thematic inquiry;

     - Full texts of documents are not provided;

     - Lists of references for term papers, diploma projects and dissertations are not provided. You can apply to the information and bibliographic department and place an order on a fee basis.

     - We do not answer questions related to providing information of a leisurely nature (solving crossword puzzles, participating in intellectual games, contests, quizzes, etc.);

     - Questions related to solving mathematical, physical, chemical and other problems are not accepted;

     - Questions related to searching for commercial information are not accepted;

     - We reserve the right to remove questions that are asked inappropriately;

     - Only one request per day is accepted from a single visitor;

     - If your request includes several questions, we will only answer one of them at our discretion (questions on current topics of interest to library users);

     •    We accept no more than 10 requests per day.

Requests are accepted in Russian. Every day and are executed within 2 working days.  

We will be grateful if you send your suggestions and comments on the organization of the WSS to our address: e-mail: biblio@kchgta.ru